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Pen Your Pride
The Kaleid

The Kaleid

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DuhILoveYou By DuhILoveYou Completed

Khristoph Marie ventures back to the realm of her birth, androgynous and unrecognizable. In search of her long time roommate, Josh, she will spare nothing in her quest to bring him home safely. What secrets lurk behind his disappearance, and who will stop her from going too far to find them out? In order to survive in a universe where females of her kind are a rarity, Khris must pose as a man in her return, but is it aid or trouble she'll find in an unlikely ally, the Raksha Prince of Listelp. When boundaries are broken, promises are bound, and love invades duties, Khris finds her world spinning out of control; much like the chromatic ability she wields.


My bottom lip, trapped between his teeth, leaks out the metallic taste of blood. Mingling with the dark substance coating the invading tongue, I instinctively bite down hard. A coppery flavor from the unwanted party seeps forward, blending with mine.

The exchange overwhelms my senses, and I'm lost in the dark matter. Dangerously close to breaking concentration, I try pushing out against the weight on me. I am not only unsuccessful, but I'm melting. My noodled arms are heavy and my mind increasingly clouded. 

Why Damien . . . Why?

Only one object of understanding remains with the full force of terrifying clarity: my fate is now hopelessly bound to Damien Decay Raksha.

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Ischle Ischle May 20, 2016
I think they were right the first time. It makes sense if you look at it as her having magical powers or something. Regardless, you may want to put a comma after the word 'loose'.
JordanBurton534 JordanBurton534 Dec 25, 2015
Could you please help me get my story into shape I know you're a good writer this story is living proof of that.
space-hobbits space-hobbits Nov 22, 2015
@DuhILoveYou the double sports bra thing is relatively safe. Wear two sports bras, but one is backwards and slightly smaller. Or something like that. An actual binder is the best way to go, though.
TheQueenOfFabulous TheQueenOfFabulous May 04, 2015
@DuhILoveYou just a binding that wouldn't put too much pressure on her chest like ace bandages do
TheQueenOfFabulous TheQueenOfFabulous May 03, 2015
if you want to press your boobies down you shouldn't use ace bandages because if it's too tight you can break a rip or collapse a lung
EmoProxy666 EmoProxy666 Jan 28, 2015
Ur welcome DuhILoveYou. Wow that just sounds weird doesn't it