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Sam Maze By SamMaze Completed

{A Wattpad Featured Story} "When legends become reality, only the brave can carry the hope of their people."

After a lifetime of waiting, Piper is overjoyed when she is bonded to her fera; a spunky leopard named Reine. In a world where humans and their animal counterparts live side by side, she is now an accepted member of society. However, events quickly take a turn for the worst as Piper is pulled into growing tensions between Eden's territories.
Together, Piper and Reine must learn to trust each other while surviving the uncertain future.

Fans of Eragon and Narnia will greatly enjoy this tale.

#3 in Adventure {6/11/16}

This prologue sucked me right in! I'm excited to read this story. 😊
_Tally_the_Total_ _Tally_the_Total_ Sep 18, 2016
The beginning of this reminds me of Ariel's lullaby to Melody in the Little Mermaid. So sweet.
Ctyolene Ctyolene May 10, 2016
Lots of head hopping here. First we are in the cradle with the baby, then listening to the parents, then apparently reading their thoughts. as they chatted to animals. 
                              Watch things like, "The middle-aged man" Whose pov is this?
rmcneary rmcneary Jun 29, 2016
Very cute opening to the story.  And father who isn't an overbearing ass for no real reason! You have my vote.
- - Jun 28, 2016
My interest has definitely been captured! I like how the animals mirror their humans, but I guess that's kind of the point. At any rate, I can tell you have either excellent grammar skills or an excellent tool to check, and I can always appreciate great grammar. Anyway, I'll definitely keep reading!
AlexSahadeo AlexSahadeo May 14, 2016
You my dear author, just captured my attention in a big way . I love the way  that you took a cliche idea and intricately tweaked it to serve your own purpose. Good job. And might I say that the prologue was superb.