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My Mate is blind?!

My Mate is blind?!

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Clifford's Hoe ✌ By _Clifford_bae_ Completed

Madison Titus is the daughter of Axel Titus, the alpha of the Red Moon Pack. She is what people call a "Perfect Girl"

Duke Maddox is the up and coming alpha. But the thing is he needs a mate, to become alpha. But the thing is no one wants a blind alpha mate.

bookwormizzy bookwormizzy Aug 21, 2016
If i knew i have a mate my soul mate.i would not look at other males
WhisperOfSecretsPast WhisperOfSecretsPast Jul 31, 2016
My dad's 6'7 and he's 44", one of my brothers is 6'6" and he's 21, the other on is 6'4"and he's 21 as well (they're twins), my mom is 5'9" and 44 (my mom and my dad are one day apart) and I'm 5'11" and 3/4 of an inch and I'm 14.
Rubyqueensten Rubyqueensten Dec 26, 2016
Great she just had to be that type of mate😩😩😩😩😩
lovemygraces98 lovemygraces98 Aug 27, 2016
I think that just ruined it for me. Why she gotta spread ha legs?!
LOL3303 LOL3303 Jun 05, 2016
6'7 DAMN!! DATE ME NOWWW! I'm sorry I love really tall guys😂😂👌🏻
_kkmendes_ _kkmendes_ Aug 29, 2015
Why didn't u pick someone cuter? He's cute but like theo James is HOT