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Beyond the darkest stars is a living planet known by its inhabitants as Esûne. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes: an endless list of creatures call Esûne home.

Within the monstrous Arlindale Forest, a small Gnomish town has illuded itself from the world. Binky, a freedom-seeking beekeeper, becomes a member of the Watch; and a royal heir named Fin takes her father's seat in the Elder Tree. 

The world is about to get much bigger for the town of Oldroot. 

With tones of environmentalism, spiritual questing, episodic action, and classic high fantasy, ESÛNE is a story that asks: what can we do when our world is threatened by greed, even if we think we are too small to save it?

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Experiencing culture shock? Can't remember who is who, or feeling overwhelmed with information? Check out ESÛNE: The Travel Guide to help alleviate those feelings.

The Sounds of Esûne can be found in the link in my bio.

Cover photo by Daniel Olah 
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