Resonance (mxm)

Resonance (mxm)

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Isabella Kai By isabella_kai Completed

Paranormal Romance (Dragon x Fae)

After his faery blood awakened the power within him, Quinn had to leave everything behind. He had to erase his parent’s memories of him, leave his old life and be on the run.

For a fae on the run Saint’s Isle, a magical island full of all manners of supernatural beings, is the perfect place to hide.

Little did he know that when his faery blood awakened he unknowingly sent a mating call to a dragon lord who chased after him all the way to Saint’s Isle.

Raziel didn’t know the meaning of the resonance he was following and when he did, he wanted to reject it. But when the people who’re after Quinn’s life resurfaced to finish the job, it’s up to him and his brother, Syrath, to keep Quinn safe. And only when he’s on the verge of losing his mate did he realize that he’s wanted him all long. Complication arises when Syrath proclaimed his love for Quinn as well. 

Who will Quinn choose? The man he’s fated to mate with or the man who’s been there when he’s been hurt and abandoned. Will he survive the assassins sent to take his life? Or lose his life trying to survive?

I'm so ready to read. Yes thank you. It is all about the story and not grammar. I thank you for your time and your mind, most don't realize how difficult it is writing especially when other give u bs. Ok I'm on to reading
Woah.....Big word 😮 (more so, "word I've never seen or even heard")
                              Dictionary Time!! 😁
The only thing that shows up is a small dot, and if I aim correctly I can zoom in to a thin line.
illFATEDone illFATEDone Sep 12, 2016
Author-san I'm already not feeling it. My eyes can feel it. I know imma cry a lot. Your stories always make my eyes puffy and red.😢😢😢😢😢 how can you be so cruel. I don't think I can survive another broken heart right after finishing "ReBounds"😭😭😭😭
GeniusHappening GeniusHappening Dec 14, 2016
I feel like it would sound better if you just said "As they say..."
TaffyWuffie TaffyWuffie Sep 25, 2016
Me too i have a lot of friends, but don't have any close one