The Paths of Greythorn

The Paths of Greythorn

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Ann Paquette By AnnPaquette1 Updated a day ago

The dream paths, accessed by a chosen few, reveal the most likely future following any given choice. Unfortunately for the human dreamwalker Daystorm, the decisions made by the fairies of Greythorn make her long for the simpler days of sweat-induced nightmares. She can't alter their fate while walking the paths, simply watch as one after the other they fall to the enemy. One night, after the gruesome death of a warrior stripped of his wings and hunted by goblins, the Gods of Caliah offer Daystorm a choice:

Remain on Earth to live her mundane life, or become the key to the future of an entire race.

Can she change the paths and alter the futures of the proud fairies of Greythorn before she's caught in the winds of their destinies?

  • betrayal
  • fairies
  • fantasy
  • fate
  • flying
  • magic
  • newworld
  • romance
  • swordfight