Broken By The Alpha

Broken By The Alpha

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Haylee's whole life is turned upside down when a new pack moves into town. With this new pack comes her mate Cole Matthews. After being rejected by the one she thought would always love her, she starts trying to move on. Dylan Hastings is perfect all around, and when he suggests to get back at Cole by "dating" Haylee agrees, developing some feeling and having your best friends turn on you can get too much. 

Running away to lead a life a as a rogue Haylee plans to never have to feel this way again, build walls around her heart so it won't hurt anymore. She always falls blindly into trusting people, but not anymore.
She meets a powerful pack and don't be fooled by there loss in numbers, they can kick ass when needed. Meeting their alpha, Saxon they start to develop feelings and Dylan is long forgotten. But Cole still lingers.

Her new pack returns to help her old pack when rogues start to take neighbouring Alpha's mates. Only few people know who Haylee's real mate is. So when returning to find her old pack and Cole's pack have merged as one, she is in danger. Follow her in her journey of heartbreak and love. She will need to choose between 2 alphas. The one who broke her and the one who made her whole again. But will the one she thought was her saviour, be the one who hurts her the most? And what will happen when the most unexpected person, is the one to help her?
"He's my knight in shinning armour."
This is her story on how she was
Broken By The Alpha

chector53 chector53 Sep 20, 2016
Men/boys fickled, so you would risk someone else's daughter?   Wow, Poor baby, keep her close to the pack, let them know what if they take your mother or you mate's mother?  Or, take your mate just because she is alpha's daughter?
chector53 chector53 Sep 20, 2016
You may have rejected her on site, but respect her and her home, you punk, kiss your "friend" on your time.  Your mother has made sure to let people know she does not like HER>
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Aug 07, 2015
Well isn't that disrespectful to be all up in another's pack house displaying such a public display