Breaking A Contract || NaLu

Breaking A Contract || NaLu

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✩Katelyn✩ By lxxucyy Updated Aug 12

"Could love at first sight actually be real?" 
- ♡ - 


Natsu Dragneel has been forced into marrying his fathers bestfriend's daughter, Lisanna Strauss.

They actually start to like each other, that is until a new transferee comes to their academy, once Natsu's eyes made that first contact with hers, he couldn't forget about her face. 

But Natsu can't break a forced marriage, especially when it's about business. 
- ♡ - 

Lucy Heartfilia, a woman who is also forced into marrying a man, his name is Bixlow. She doesn't love him since it's only about business, so she runs away to live with her bestfriend named Levy McGarden who attends Fairy Tail Academy. 

When Lucy's first day comes she has a wonderful time, that is until she meets her eyes on Natsu Dragneel, who she cannot keep her eyes off of. 

What could happen if Lucy's father comes to the academy and finds her? 

Could Natsu and Lucy end up dating even though they've been forced into marrying others?i