Of The Darkness (h.s)

Of The Darkness (h.s)

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The Apocalypse.

Something no one ever put thought to but thinking it would never happen. But the impossible happened. The world turned dark and nothing is safe. The world has been taken over by dark, soul-less creatures who appear human but are complete monsters. The only place in the world that still holds life is the middle of the United States of America. 

Harry was of the darkness. Born and raised in complete discipline to carry himself in a time of horror and chaos, in this case, the Apocalypse. He was eleven when the dark took over and he was the only one in his family to live, considering he was at military school in the US while his family was still in England. No one ever dares to make him mad; his nature to kill and feel as though nothing could stop him.

Leslie was of the light. Born and raised in a family of love. She was taught how to live and to believe that good will come to her. She never imagined at nine years old the whole world would be taken over by the darkness of the Apocalypse. Her mother and brother were taken but her father still lives, keeping her safe in a small house in the middle of the woods. All she wants is to live and to help the world become bright again.

But one day, forces draw the two together and a new situation comes to rise. He helps her but he fears the action will make her want him to be with her. Their polar opposites and Harry doesn’t know how to act around her. She wants to learn about him but he won’t budge.

Will the two ever become friends or will the Apocalypse keep them away from each other?

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