Underestimated Mate

Underestimated Mate

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D. A. Y. Dream By SapphireWarrior Updated 4 days ago

Zannicus Zul Zorander~Omega (Prime) 
     A young wolf who's background was unknown, a young wolf who's the only one in his pack that has striking orange eyes (almost red), he shifted earlier than other wolves but kept it a secret and pretended to be just a human. Only two of his best friends know the truth about him. He was left as a baby in the borders of the pack. 

Ronan Ver Solas
     Soon-to-be-alpha of the Mist moon pack. He, his friends and the rest of the pack bully Zannicus because they thought he was a human, his wolf didn't come out. He is disgusted by him. 

 They beat him for every single thing he does wrong, but he still stays strong. He doesn't get easily intimidated by them though, whenever he talks back or stares back, they find themselves backing down or somehow stopping, even the alpha himself, and they don't know why. Zannicus also thinks that his parents didn't want him. But he's not just any normal werewolf, there's more...... 

   what happens if they push him  too far? 
   why does one of the councilmen members always visit their pack? 
   what if there's more to Zannicus' history than they thought? 
   what happens if Ronan and Zannicus happens to to be mates? 
   What happens if the young man they knew suddenly became one of the most feared ranks of wolves? 
   What happens if Ronan finds himself falling for Zannicus? 

Will Zannicus accept? or reject? 
Will he forgive him and the pack? 
   Their pack seems to be a magnet for rogues, but one day,  what happens if they were outnumbered?  

Will he save them? 

He  was belittled. 
He was abused. 
There's only so much more he can take, taken for granted, and underestimated in the end. 
 Never judge a book by its cover. You never know what they are capable of.

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