hyewon | soulmate

hyewon | soulmate

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au - in a world where your soulmates name is tattooed on your wrist and starts to fade away once your soulmate dies or finds someone else. Park Chaewon, a sophomore in High School has been eyeing her soulmate aka her friend Hyejoo for the past 2 years. Hyejoo doesn't know that Chaewon is her Soulmate because she was born without a tattoo. 

when chaewon see's her friend with another girl, Choi Yerim, she starts to see her tattoo fade away....her soulmate fade away. She tries everything to get her back to her before the tattoo fades away forever..

- angst
- fluff
- probably hate me

Side Ships 
-Yeorry(Yeojin and Choerry)
-2JIN (Heejin and Hyunjin)
-Chuuves (Yves and Chuu) 
-Lipsoul (Jinsoul and Kim Lip)
-Viseul (Vivi and Haseul)