Persephone's Secrets(Going Through Serious Editing)

Persephone's Secrets(Going Through Serious Editing)

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Senna Jane By GayShipQueen Updated Oct 12, 2015

Persephone Trinket's life has been a living hell for the last eight years since her mother died. Her father isn't taking it well, he spends his nights with a bottle of jack in one hand and lines of cocaine-sometimes a bowl of marijuana-in front of him. He's grieving in his own way, but when the drugs and alcohol aren't enough, he turns his violent anger to the only person he has left. Persephone. 

Even though he threatens her to keep it a secret, he doesn't make it easy on her. It's hard to hide bruises and cuts when they're in such visible places. But, she makes sure she's not raising any suspicions. She stays under the radar of everyone. Well, almost everyone. 

Dexter Gooding is curious. He's suspicious of Persephone Trinket  For the longest time, she's all his attention has been focused on. He sees the bruises and cuts, he sees the way breaks down when she thinks nobody is looking, he sees the way she relishes and sometimes smiles when and only when she has her earphones in. But then he sees the emptiness in her eyes. He watches everyday as she drags herself unwillingly to her classes, trudging like her feet are weighted down by chains, like her entire body is weighted down by chains. 

Persephone isn't raising any suspicions, at least that's what she thinks. Dexter sees it all, never has he paid any attention to anyone. But Persephone just peaks his interest, he almost wishes to help her. He wants to save her and learn her secrets.

As an author I'm not happy with this story and seriously thought of deleting it, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, so I'm editing it. MAJORLY. So I know it's been over a year since an update, but don't expect one any time soon either. But when I do update, hopefully this book will be finished.

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