Earthshine: The Raintree Chronicles Book 1

Earthshine: The Raintree Chronicles Book 1

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A cancer survivor discovers magical abilities when she takes up yoga, enabling her to access alternate realities. But using this power comes at a terrible cost, putting everyone she cares about in danger.


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College student Emily Verde has some seriously weird dreams. Although she doesn't know it yet, she's accessing alternate realities in her sleep. After surviving cancer, losing her mother and moving halfway around the world, Em doesn't think of herself as a survivor, but she is one. And she needs to be to face what's coming. 

A magical encounter with a yoga instructor at her local gym leads Em to make a life-altering trip. She travels to India with her gay best friend, her college crush and her regimented roommate, making new friends along the way and a few enemies too.

The barriers between parallel dimensions are about to break down and Em must master her newfound abilities quickly, not just to save herself and those she loves, but to protect the fabric of reality and fulfill her destiny.
Cover by the brilliantly talented Michael J. Hildebrand.