This Night so Dark and Twisted

This Night so Dark and Twisted

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Zoe By In5pir3d Updated 3 days ago

Mathieu lives his life in the shadows, hidden from his people. Or at least he should. At seventeen, he should have his whole life ahead of him -- he did just inherit a country -- but his father made a terrible mistake and left him alone to pay the price. After nights bathed in blood, he'll do anything for answers before the darkness takes his mind.

Lonely and guilt ridden, Elouise has all but given up on redeeming herself. Years of degrading work tend to do that to a girl. Yet everything changes in one night. An opportunity, however dangerous, presents itself when a mysterious boy comes into her life. He represents money and death, but also possible redemption if she's willing to take a leap for it. 

Saviour or destroyer.
Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Their journey for answers takes them to a foreign country he supposedly rules over, but that doesn't mean either of them are welcome in this land of monsters and magic.

And while they're busy worry about each other and themselves, vengeance won't rest.