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H.S. Z.M. 1D.  

When America's Sweetheart, Ludmilla Hanson, is admitted into rehab, she asks her identical twin sister, Camilla, for a favor. She needs Cami to take her place during the shootings of a new major movie. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem for Cami—she's used to do everything her sister wants—except this is THE Movie of the year, featuring none other than Harry Styles—and he kinda makes her jittery.

Follow Cami, Harry and Zayn on Set as they deal with acting, singing and crazy fans.

Harry grabbed my arm, stopping my escape. Slowly, I turned around to face him, my eyes full of tears.

“Why’d you lie, Cami?” he asked. “If that’s even your actual name.”

Through my blurred vision, I looked at him. His dark curls covered his eyes, and I couldn’t see him properly. Was he mad? It felt like he was mad—the grip on my arm was tight.

“Answer me,” he shouted.

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- - Mar 04, 2017
here i am, only speak English, some sign language, and learning Spanish lol
Kgwright111 Kgwright111 Dec 22, 2016
English is my third language, which grammar problems always ruins my insulting comebacks😂 😂😢
22ZaynisBeautiful 22ZaynisBeautiful Feb 06, 2016
First commenter of 2016, I'm feeling proud. Sounds awesome. :)
veggiepizza veggiepizza Nov 06, 2015
It's weird because my foot started to fall asleep at this point. It's like it's protesting even the mention of exercise, the lazy shît.
1D_teddybear 1D_teddybear Oct 10, 2015
All I can picture is when Harry got sick in that episode of icarly and how bad he was XD XD
Superstar57 Superstar57 Aug 17, 2015
Hi and the stories was interesting and could make more books of stories like these stories but very different .