The Bitch You Killed

The Bitch You Killed

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queen of doom By longtimegone Updated Aug 06

Irony {noun} -
a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result.

Khloe Matthews had never really considered how ironic her life was until she died.

At parties, the head cheerleader would do something BIG to get revenge. If this meant spreading secrets and telling lies then she would do it.

How ironic is it that Khloe used parties as a way of ending her peers' social lives and in turn someone used her own end of summer party to end her life?

The sad thing is that Khloe didn't even really see it coming, but as she recounts her story, it becomes increasingly obvious that her so called 'friends' did.

Now her friends will have to learn that just because the bitch is dead, it doesn't mean she's gone.

Who said you had to be alive to get revenge? 

graphic by @obsessedhumor-

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resulted resulted Aug 22
Everyone over here saying PLL while I'm thinking Riverdale😂
This sounds like a book I once read on here called get revenge
krazyk360 krazyk360 Jul 21
Yes... It always gets better 
                              ESPECIALLY after the main character dies
That seems interesting. Dead and wants to take revenge? Is she then a ghost maybe haha? 
                              Let's see what's going to happen to Khloe.
                              But isn't it written like that "Chloe" ?
You know when they have a definition to start off the book that it's going to be good