The Gang Leader's Girl

The Gang Leader's Girl

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Ajanay Augustine By AjanayAugustine Updated Apr 04

"You're mine no one else can have you, understand me kitten?"

"I understand."


Serenity Hendrix is a petite little nerd that lives in a small little town called Crawford in a small state called Delaware. Like no big gangs would go there. Well Serenity parents were wrong. They had move to Delaware when she was eight.  When she was twelve years old her parents had died when a plane had mysteriously crash out of the sky, while on a business trip. 

     Serenity didn't know why they move to Delaware. Because there isn't much there and especially in the little ole Crawford. She also didn't know why they sent her big brother way. Serenity had also started to notice the new guys in town watching her every move. Like that can't get anymore creeper.

     Follow Serenity Hendrix to discover her family's secrets and her journey with the strange new guys. To find the truth, lies, blood, friends, enemies, and maybe love.

The word mum is spelt like mum not mom just saying incase that was a typo or something but yeah outer than that I love the book
Bash.. Reign.. He was the king for like.. Half an episode 😂😂
Love the way you started the chapter 1 with the little memory and then her at the ice cream shop with the little boy. :-)
I know a girl named serenity she's so quiet she got a twin sister but I can never tell them apart
your should make more chapters your really good at catching people's attention And you are some evil leaveing me on a cilifhanger  ☆
ShyGirl4610 ShyGirl4610 Dec 29, 2015
I know a grl named Serenity and she is really petite. I hate her so dang much