Gone with the Storm (A Thor Fanfiction)

Gone with the Storm (A Thor Fanfiction)

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*First Book of series*

With her memory lost, she gets pulled back into the world that she doesn't remember and finds the family she never knew. But to her, love was never on the list. So much is happening to her, but she just has to accept it. But it only makes it worse, she has to become someone else, she has to become something else.

*Next Book of series: When the Rain Comes*

TeaAndTW TeaAndTW Jul 02, 2014
Oooohhhhhh... The suspense already! @Lokis_porpoise had  a BIT of an overreaction!!! :)
Lokis_porpoise Lokis_porpoise Jun 30, 2014
Hey! It is not terrible ok?! Trust me :) and I'm in it!!! Wooo lol
Lokis_porpoise Lokis_porpoise Jun 29, 2014
Omfg!! You've posted a fanfiction!!! I think I might cry!! It's really good so far! So don't you dare delete it!! Or I will kill you :D xxx