Dark Objects

Dark Objects

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❝Your secret is a painting?❞ I took a few cautious steps; the hairs on my arms stood on end.

❝Not just any painting.❞ Dorian approached the easel, shadows on his face as he touched the cloth protecting it. ❝It's a dark object, the manifestation of my curse. The reason I shall always live and never die.❞

I swallowed. ❝Show me.❞

                                                                                      *                  *                *

Dorian Gray is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to Amelia. He's also the most dangerous. When Dorian is gunned down by a murderous hunter, and returns to life before her eyes, Amelia is introduced to the world of the supernatural - where monsters exist and paintings become portals to other worlds. Chasing clues to his past, Amelia discovers his most precious secret - an evil painting that holds the key to Dorian's immortality, and his dark side. When the painting is destroyed, his monster is unleashed on the town. Soon, Amelia finds it hard to separate her feelings for Dorian and the monster he created. Especially when destroying Dorian's monster means destroying Dorian as well...