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I'm EXO's Mate. (Vampire story)

I'm EXO's Mate. (Vampire story)

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개일 By sweetandbroken_ Updated Feb 19, 2016

"I'm the love of their undead life, whether I like it or not; I have no choice--And no complains." -Shin Yoonjo.

What if one day, I decided to give up on my life? And when I wanted to die, I literally died..

But I was also undead..

The last thing I remembered was I cut my wrist on the street and a guy came to me. I cut it on purpose but It seemed like an accident to him. He said he was going to help me but he just sucked the blood from my wrist then everything went black..

When I woke up, I was in a comfy bed inside a mansion with twelve super-duper-drool-worthy-handsome guys. They acted like they knew me for a long time.. When someone finally explained the situation, I couldn't believe his last line...

"--By the way, we're vampires.. And you're gonna be one of us soon.."

What the actual eff?! Vampires aren't even real!

Wait.. Are they?

I swear I would've been lost, I have a bad BAD sense of direction. Never ask Charlotte for way, even tho I only passed that street a while, I'll forget about it (except i use that street everyday but meh)
Watch your ugly face when you die badly oh that right your ugly forever
😂😂😂😂 I ask myself this all the time 😭😭😭😭 it's better to not have one tho
I would've freak out but only because I'm hyped to meet vampires. I'll be like "pick me pick me pick me up" hahahaha
Oh yea I'm totally fine becuz oh you know my family abuses me and I now have committed suicide yea I'm totally fine! #sarcasticAF