Imperfection Sphere | Inazuma Eleven Fanfiction

Imperfection Sphere | Inazuma Eleven Fanfiction

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Once upon a time, 

There was a world of war 

Blood tainted the surface of the earth. 

Multiple corpses laying around the lifeless nature of the earth. 

Weapons that were used by soldiers were covered in their blood. 

Flags of their kingdoms were torn in the name of their battle as a sign of the lost souls were sacrificed for their kingdoms.


Fighting for freedom was their mission.


In the Army, there was no female warriors as they were seen as the ones who need protection. 

But what will happen if they were to change? 

❝I've refuse to accept this decision!❞

The young princess who was locked away within her own palace. 

❝I will make our family's dreams become a reality and prove that women shouldn't be low by men so lowly!❞

The youngest knight who was viewed as a mere little girl by others. 

❝And I will bring justice for our kingdom, for we as knights will not let our comrades' sacrifices go to waste❞

The first female warrior who have the potential of bringing a change in history. 

❝I might be a normal person but I also want to change our kingdom's fate❞

The young baker who was known for the best and fresh pastries in the kingdom. 

❝I wonder... If I have a meaning in my life, those chains are the proofs that I'm not a human being❞

Deep within the darkness was a small figure with multiple iron chains attached to them. 

Will this war end with peace and harmony or disaster and despair? 


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