The Attys 2012 Poetry Contest ~ Pen and Paper ~

The Attys 2012 Poetry Contest ~ Pen and Paper ~

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Ms.Butterfly By MsButterfly Completed

An entry for Attys 2012 (Competitor) poetry contest consisting of 10 poems written in 10 different poetic form.



1.Kyrielle: "Death"

2.Shakespearean Sonnet: "Glacial"

3.Limerick: "Maze"

4.Villanelle: "Fire Sprite"

5.Haiku: "Welcome, Spring"

6.Triolet: "What Love Can Do"

7.Diamante: "Child and Adullt"

8.Couplet: "What Writing Means"

9.Free-Verse: "Dear, Death of God"

10.Nonet: "Save Me"

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Sweet_NamJi Sweet_NamJi Nov 26, 2012
:) Topic namin to kanina hahah.. Sonnet 20 (Shakespeare) ^_^
                              Ang cute..
SoniyaAhuja SoniyaAhuja Aug 21, 2012
@MsButterfly Hey Girl, I am just glad that I could help you :)
                              Why don't you rename the form to Kyrielle sonnet?
MsButterfly MsButterfly Aug 21, 2012
@SoniyaAhuja I really want to thank you again, I already change the poem. thanks so much for noticing my mistakes, it really helped a lot^_^
MsButterfly MsButterfly Aug 21, 2012
@SoniyaAhuja Thank you so much, I really aprreciate it.
                              About the kyrielle this is where i got my reference
                              Thank you for telling me, I'll change it later^_^
                              @JolliePearlCornelia salamat po ate!
SoniyaAhuja SoniyaAhuja Aug 14, 2012
@MsButterfly Yea I know that's a pain, trying to figure out the iambs and trochees...
MsButterfly MsButterfly Aug 14, 2012
@SoniyaAhuja Hello, thanks for commenting.Actually I really don't have that much knowledge about couplets but what I know is about iambic pentameter it should have 10 syllables.