The Hip-Hop Dancer And The School's Bad Boy

The Hip-Hop Dancer And The School's Bad Boy

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Aleyna 🖤 By PrincessAley Updated 6 hours ago

- Hey guys, it's the first time I'm writing, and there's surely misspellings and all, thank's for correct me and reading this, hope you'll enjoy it ! -

This is a story between 2 different people, as you can guess, it's NOT about a nerd and a bad boy, nor a bad girl and a good boy, it's about a hip-hop dancer and a bad boy.

Blaire Addams isn't an average girl, she is a seventeen years old badass girl, she is an undefeated street racer, she also knows how to fight. At school she is someone else, dancing is her life for a long time. I think you all guessed what will happen next, when she'll bumped into an arrogant assh*le.

Ethan Cooper is the Marymount's bad guy, rumors say that he is actually a gang leader, and had killed more than 20 people. He is arrogant, rude, and almost all the girls drool over him, ALMOST. Ethan became like this for a reason, will Blaire could fine the reason or will Ethan stays an arrogant womanizer ?

Wait a minute... What if there is some kind of legends... And what if that legend... Is the new mysterious, scary, and handsome guy that she met in the middle of nowhere ?

Fasten you sit-belt because we are going to lend into a high school drama. Take a sit and eat you pop-corns because it's going to be a long year.

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