ConnectThe Dots(Levi X Reader)

ConnectThe Dots(Levi X Reader)

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奈緒美兵長 By japanislife6868 Completed

You were just a simple sweet and innocent girl. Always keeping quiet to yourself until Corporal Levi Rivialle pestered you one day. 

From that day, your eternal flame called love burned your heart. Your parents were deceased and life was rough and ridged as you grew up.                                                               

Corporal Levi just couldn't keep his distance away from you once he found out your deep dark secret... A secret that isn't welcomed to anybody within the walls. Especially the Commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith... making the question of whether or not you will live or die really accelerate at high stakes.

All Levi wants is a family of his own and you have all the qualities for the job... but how will the rest of the world react to this shocking pair?

Enjoy the reading while finding out. Thank you to Cookie_Mendez for the cover again.

ItS HiGh NoOn!! -dies-
                              Levi(VA Matthew Mercer):...tch,Brat,Get up
                              McCree: Uh,Darlin'? Are ya alright?
                              Me: noooo...I die too many times on mccree's ult in player vs. AI.
                              In real life I have a scar from the bottom of my left eye, to the top of my eyebrow
                              ..Long story..
Sweet dreams are made of this
                              Who am I to disagree?
                              I travel the world and the seven seas
                              Everybody's lookin for something
                              Eurythmics? Anybody? Okay..
How the hell am I looking down? Im almost a foot taller than him! (Im 6'9 btw)
Major_Otaku_Girl Major_Otaku_Girl Dec 10, 2016
Ahem, Levi, you went into battle alone and 'you' didn't get killed! It was Isabel and Farlen that did instead!
excuse you mister windex fairy but my room is as clean if not cleaner than yours