Vampire Saga (Boyxboy)

Vampire Saga (Boyxboy)

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Donnell Alexander By DonnellAlexander Updated Sep 28, 2016

(Book 1 in the Vampire Saga Series)

Gian Onio could never get away from the problems that surround him. Considering they never go away, it's not possible. 

Gian lives in the town of Redfield, Maine. He goes to Redfield High and hates it. When Gian was ten his parents up and left him, alone to fend for himself.  The only thing they left him was the house he grew up in and money where he could never run out. Gian is now sixteen, a junior in high school where most of his problems are; thanks to his peers. With constant distaste of going to school and walking home from his job he thought he would never feel the safety he wanted in Redfield.

That is until one night he gets beaten badly by Oliver and his group, leaving him to fall unconscious in the woods of Redfield and hope for a savior...


gemac54 gemac54 Aug 02, 2016
My Geography teacher was exactly like this, well except for the "fudging the students" least I think he doesn't O.o😂
NhandiApplewhite NhandiApplewhite Jul 02, 2016
I'm already loving this and it's only the first chapter, I'm doing dance moves on my couch.
gemac54 gemac54 Aug 02, 2016
My physics teacher was like this. No one paid attention to him and just copied the answers from each other.....he moved to Hawaii. But he was still smiling and nice though.😅😆
Chubby_Mini Chubby_Mini Aug 08, 2016
🎶Hold me down,Hold me down before I slit dis nigga throat🔪🎶
Avarion Avarion Jan 02
Detention for leaving the class on time and not being able to teleport? I'd sue the school if they try to do this to me.
Wolfshifter Wolfshifter Dec 24, 2015
Sounds like my sis's boyfriend. Tall as a bean stalk, thin as a rail, and a sweetie until someone hurts her, just smacking her arm in play, he turns 50 shades of crazy and angry.