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Chronicles of a Fat Teenager

Chronicles of a Fat Teenager

69.7K Reads 2.1K Votes 32 Part Story
Becky J D By BeckyDyer Completed

At sixteen, Beth Evans was used to living a solitary life. "The Clones" were a group of perfectly pretty girls in school who preyed on Beth's insecurities. In order to survive Beth honed her self-deprecating humour and lived her life from the sidelines, observing others was less painful than participating in her own life. Beth observed one boy in particular, but she would never dare talk to him. Then one day, a chance meeting with one of the Clones resulted in an unlikely friendship and so began a new era for Beth that opened up musical opportunities and sexual possibilities ... but will her new-found happiness last or will disaster unfold?

** April 2016 - thank you for all your support and lovely comments. I'm really touched. 
Just wanted to announce that the sequel,  "Chronicles of a Fat Wannabe" is coming soon!!!! **

Infatuated_Girl Infatuated_Girl a day ago
Stop looking at him youll make it obvious. I talk lol i be lookin
calleeann calleeann Nov 11, 2014
This is great! I can already tell that this is going to be my latest obsession on Wattpad. Good job!
raphaellasaroukos raphaellasaroukos Jul 10, 2014
Oh my, this really speaks to me. You've got a great idea here, and your writing is spectacular. The length of this chapter was perfect, but I think in general, you could benefit from expanding your chapters a bit more. Amazing start!