Escape The Room (a reader insert mystery story)

Escape The Room (a reader insert mystery story)

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asianmathematics By asianmathematics Updated Aug 15

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This story is for the Red Feather Award.

In the city (city/name), 3 people mysteriously disappear every year. No one knows what happens to those people, and hope they won't end up like them. Unfortunately, you were 1 of those 3 people in the year 20xx. You, (Y/n), must cooperate with 2 other people to prevent your fate to end up like the ones before you. But with 2 other people with different personalities than one another, can you and the other people escape the mysterious room and live to tell the tale? Or are you going find out what happened to the other unlucky people who didn't deserve their fate? Read this story to find out more.

As you can see at the top, this story is meant for the Red Feather Award. If you see a comment from @RedFeatherAward in the first 'chapter' in my first story, Click! Act 1: The Hypno Age (a 3 part story I made up), then it explains why a person who hasn't been a Wattpad user for even a month is doing something crazy like this.