Phoenix (Haikyuu fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Phoenix (Haikyuu fanfic) *ON HOLD*

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Alice-chan By Alice-chan Updated Feb 15, 2016

Her blazing red hair shines in the sunset.
Her silver eyes gazes in the distance.
I wonder what kind of view she sees, high above the net.
It is rumored that she is an amazing player.
She's a high schooler and transfers to Karasuno High school.

Will she stay and bring Karasuno to victory? Or be taken away by a specific school?

This is a fanfiction about Haikyuu.
I do not own Haikyuu as it belongs to the rightful owner (NOT MINE!)
Also do not upload the cover page without my permission! I drew the cover! Thank you!



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_chococcino_ _chococcino_ Oct 01, 2017
This couldn't have happened if she's gone to Shiratorizawa XD
kookie_0820 kookie_0820 Aug 03, 2017
I literally just thought of Ken from Vixx, acting like a bird. 😂😂😂
Glitches_Soul Glitches_Soul Apr 10, 2017
Oh no... are we going to the rock lee spin off 😳😏😫😶😧😱
Megan29Jayne Megan29Jayne Feb 11, 2017
I know that wasn't supposed to sound dirty... But I was just like "😨😳😥"
Celtic-girl Celtic-girl Sep 08, 2016
Because she actually is a Phoenix and doesn't want anyone to know!!!!!!
Armi_Hanahaki Armi_Hanahaki Nov 10, 2016
u broke the jashin-forsaken 4th wall-oh wait....she meant the book she was stupid af......( ´ ▽ ` )ノ