Phoenix (Haikyuu fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Phoenix (Haikyuu fanfic) *ON HOLD*

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Alice-chan By Alice-chan Updated Feb 15, 2016

Her blazing red hair shines in the sunset.
Her silver eyes gazes in the distance.
I wonder what kind of view she sees, high above the net.
It is rumored that she is an amazing player.
She's a high schooler and transfers to Karasuno High school.

Will she stay and bring Karasuno to victory? Or be taken away by a specific school?

This is a fanfiction about Haikyuu.
I do not own Haikyuu as it belongs to the rightful owner (NOT MINE!)
Also do not upload the cover page without my permission! I drew the cover! Thank you!



FandomTrash72 FandomTrash72 Apr 06, 2016
I bet akari doesn't tell her past because she doesn't want them to know that she was secretly a ruler of the majestic unicorns. -_- I'm serious.
Celtic-girl Celtic-girl Sep 08, 2016
Because she actually is a Phoenix and doesn't want anyone to know!!!!!!
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jul 03, 2016
And that was the end of the commercial! 
                              Time to watch my show.
FandomTrash72 FandomTrash72 Apr 06, 2016
So he grows younger???? X3
                              Just kidding.  I know what u meant.
crossg_ftail1122 crossg_ftail1122 Apr 15, 2016
I still remember that smile! XD it was like •u• AHAHAHAHAHA
_OtakuArmiUnicorn_ _OtakuArmiUnicorn_ Nov 10, 2016
u broke the jashin-forsaken 4th wall-oh wait....she meant the book she was stupid af......( ´ ▽ ` )ノ