CHONDOMBA ; The Big Girl.

CHONDOMBA ; The Big Girl.

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Brielle rushed out of her Economics 1 class,and quickly maneuvered through the crowd,hoping not to be late for her Accounting 1 lecture. She had remained behind to get some pointers from the lecturer for the upcoming midterm exams. Knowing her Accounting 1 lecturer being a total bitch,she knew she couldn't afford to be late. 

"Watch out,you fat bitch!" A girl spat as she gently pushed past her. After hearing what the girl said,her actions were brought to a halt.

"Excuse me?," She calmly asked. 

"You heard what I said,you fat bitch. Watch where the fuck you're going." She repeated.

Brielle thought about Bad Boys and did the all too familiar 'woosah' that stopped her from snatching bitches' weak ass tracks.

"You sound totally ignorant. I guess that's why a lot of the boys can have they're way with you. Even though having sex with you would be like throwing a sausage down the hallway. So I suggest you keep your snide remarks to yourself unless you want your low quality 'human' hair snatched out of they're tracks. May I proceed to my lecture now? Thank you." She said passing by her and the small crowd that had formed around them. 

Brielle never really doubted herself growing up. She had a big body but that never made her feel a way about herself. She's always had all the guys she wanted and dated whoever she wanted basically. She was cute and confident and her confidence had them hook,line and sinker.

Until something happens and it breaks her down completely. Strips her of all that she is until all that is left is bits and pieces of what used to be confidence. She's now forced to embark on a new journey of self love and appreciation,losing and gaining friends on the way.

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