Behind Closed Doors: Klance Highschool Au

Behind Closed Doors: Klance Highschool Au

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Pumpkin King By KitKat12327 Updated 6 days ago

*Trigger Warning*

Keith Kogane is 17 and lives with his father. 
His brother Shiro moved out when he was 11 and his mother died when he was very young. His boyfriend his Lotor Galra. Lotor is..... Agressive. 

Shiro doesn't know that his father is mentally abusive towards Keith. When he visits everything is fine and Keith hasn't said anything.

His best friends are Shiro, Matt, Pidge and Lance.
Lance starts to notice something is up as he realizes Lotor getting more aggressive with Keith in the halls. Not to mention the bruises he's been getting. 

What will happen? Will Shiro realize his father isn't who he thinks he is? Is Lance also hiding something? Read and find out!!

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