I Want To Know

I Want To Know

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Ahlam Zayan was 18 when she discovered that best friends can in in fact betray you. No matter how close they are. She was 18 when these wounds were sliced against her being and for the first time in her sheltered life, she felt pain.

Ahlam Zayan was 22 when she began to heal. She dealt with the pain and the wounds and tried to forget about the betrayal that had slapped her face. She wanted to smile and laugh and just forget.

Ahlam was 26 when the protective walls she had built around her were bombed. The false mantras she'd built to save herself were of no use, and the one person she detested was about to be thrown into her life again, and this time unwillingly. 


Ahlam Zayan, a Pakistani muslim teenager living in the States, takes pride in her friends and her family. They've stuck with her through and through and she's a 100% certain that they always will. Except, life is at play once more, and happiness is short-lived. When the one person Ahlam would bet her entire life on leaves her with a hurt she's never felt before, she is thrown down to Earth from the skies and must build herself up once again, this time, alone.

This is the story that she writes for herself, the painting she paints, and the song that she sings. These are the stars that she lights up and the flames that she ignites. This is the pain she feels and the tears she cries. This is her.

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