Dirty Harry Styles One Shots

Dirty Harry Styles One Shots

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ysldaddy By ysldaddy Updated Dec 28, 2015

Warning: contains mature content and heavy language.

My eyes fluttered open, waking up from the sleep I just took. My hand found their way to my eyes and I rubbed them; clearing my vision. I turned my head to my left side to see Harry sleeping, his face inches away from mine. We were both naked, white sheets wrapped around us. God, he is a beautiful creature. I can't explain the feeling of waking up next to him.

A smile spread across my face at the thought, making me chuckle at myself. I shook my head and raised my hand towards the side-table to take my phone. I started roaming through my Facebook and other stuff just passing my time.

About 5 minutes passed and I got really bored so I decided to wake Harry up. I placed my phone back on the table and climbed on the top of Harry, my each leg on each side of him; straddling him. I clutched my sheet tighter around me and leaned down, placing a kiss on his lips, he didnt move at all.

My lips moved down and started to press open mouth ki...

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