Time is Precious

Time is Precious

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WriterAEF By WriterAEF Updated Nov 15, 2019


To promote YOUR work; your short stories, your photography and/or your artwork on Wattpad.

To promote literacy that vibrantly celebrates the many different stages of life. The wonderful assortment of young adult books on Wattpad is phenomenal. That said, contributors to this book are challenged to submit work that addresses ALL stages of life, from the very young to the not so very young.

It is my intention to organize a book with sections that are geared towards many different age groups. When you contribute your work, kindly submit it with information about the specified age group it represents. Please note, it can be written for all ages while still representing a particular age group.

I will do my best to organize submissions by the following age groups:
0-15-years old
16-30-years old
31-45-years old
46-60-years old
61-80-years old
Ageless/Timeless; No Indicated Age


2020: Achieved #1 in the "Older Adult" category.

*Achieved #1 in "Autobiographical".
*Achieved #1 in "Share Your Stories".
*Achieved #2 in "Ageless".
*Achieved #2 in "Middle Age".