The Youtube Crew - A Dirty Youtuber Fanfic (16+)

The Youtube Crew - A Dirty Youtuber Fanfic (16+)

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poppyann_ By poppyann_ Updated Jun 29, 2014

Dirty Youtuber Fanfic♥
•Zoe (Zoella)
•Joe (ThatcherJoe)
•Alfie (PointlessBlog)
•Marcus (Marcus Butler)
•Niomi (Niomi Smart)
•Tanya (Tanya Burr)
•Jim (Jim Chapman)
•Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter)
•Any others (comment who you want)

Warning: Please don't read unless you're 16+ 
Contains: sex, masturbation, lesbians, etc 

Please read/vote/comment I'll love you forever!!!!!!

ShamyIsMyOTP ShamyIsMyOTP Feb 20, 2016
I thought I was the only person to come because of Shane lol
omjava omjava Apr 06, 2016
guess who is like the 100th person to come here because of Shane (:
phanmute phanmute Dec 30, 2015
That YouTube money doe - Shane Dawson he read this on reading dirty YouTube fan fiction