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The Wolf Prince's Mate

The Wolf Prince's Mate

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Jazz By TheOriginTheme Updated Nov 06, 2016

Being Kidnapped by a super sexy guy sounds like a dream right? Wrong. He's overbearing, completely annoying, and a little insane. A couple of weeks ago the only thing I had to worry about was acing my Geometry and Calculus test. Now I have to deal with montage of problems. Problems like meeting your fiance a year earlier then planed! Being kidnapped by said fiance. And the reoccurring dream that plagues keeps me from ever finding peace in my sleep. Who is Zyker Ricarda? A couple of mouths ago I thought that was my mystery objective. But now...I'm wondering who the heck am I?

I imagine a little boy throwing a fit hitting a grown man and winning
tare_panda_XD tare_panda_XD Sep 06, 2016
Lol I didn't notice before but, HE WAS SITTING ON HIS DAD'S LAP! and he's like "I'm very mature"
Derpina101 Derpina101 Mar 31, 2016
Aww I love this!! Like, just imagine him, a little human, saying that xD
DMOKOENA25 DMOKOENA25 Jul 16, 2015
Oh my I just looove this it is so captivating  n different good job
_galaxy_royal_ _galaxy_royal_ Mar 13, 2015
I just imagined him looking constipated as he's being dragged away....
fluffy_puff89 fluffy_puff89 Mar 12, 2015
Oh my goodness this story is so amazing it's just like sleeping beauty in a werewolf version