Always on my mind | Clouis modern AU

Always on my mind | Clouis modern AU

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𝘚𝘬𝘺 ⤻ ☁️ By Clouish Updated Jun 07

Louis & Clementine had been friends for a very long time, they both attended the same school and over time had developed feelings for one another.  Once Louis decides to tell Clementine how he felt about her, he almost gets sent away to Ericsons boarding school when his parents found out he was sneaking out just to see his friends. 

His parents were rather strict but this in particular angered him to the point where he couldn't stand to be around them, he wrote Clementine a note and delivered it to her house before running away.

Will Clementine ever be able to return those feelings to Louis?
In this story Clementine and AJ are originally cousins, Rebecca and Alvin tragically passed away during a car accident so Clem's mother and father decided to adopt him. Lee is their super cool uncle ;^) 

Sophie & Minnie will be in this story, along with Tenn, who will be Aj's best friend.

Violet will be Clementine's best friend, and Marlon will be her cousin.. just cause Vi and Marlon look alike :}

Clem + Louis 
Vi + Minnie uwu
Aasim + Ruby 
Marlon + Brody
James + Mitch cause YAAAHHH 🤪

and don't worryryryy Willy will be in this story as well, in fact he will be Mitch's younger brother.

and uh


will be Marlons doggo uwu uwu