Once Upon A Dream (GirlxGirl, GxG, Lesbian)

Once Upon A Dream (GirlxGirl, GxG, Lesbian)

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Rosie By Scarlet18 Completed

Sequel to For You I Will. 2nd Installment.

17 years later, 16 years old Jasmine Banks lived in what she calls a boring life. That is, until one day she saved a beautiful lonesome girl name Stephanie Moore when she was on her way to her 4th period. Jasmine yearn for love and may have finally found it. Though while she has no problem with gay, and lesbians, she never thought she'd actually fall in love with Stephanie, who is a girl. As the stories progresses, Jasmine finds herself drawn to Stephanie's sister, Crystal Gale, and vise versa, resulting in a love triangle. 

Jasmine yearn to meet her better half. Stephanie's longs for the person who understand her. And Crystal secretly struggles to find where she fits in between her normal/celebrity life, along the insecurity of her whole being. What does Cupid had in store for these ladies?

First we learnt the love of stephanie's parents.. now we're learning the love of their children.. gosh how I wish this was a drama series on tv..
TotallyNot0bsessed TotallyNot0bsessed Jan 30, 2016
My parents must think I'm crazy because I've been fangilring for the past few minutes XD
Dontknownow Dontknownow Jan 23, 2015
i Dont think sexual orientation is chosen. youre born that way
rahkey4lyf rahkey4lyf Dec 05, 2014
Ahhh destiny and danielle... I miss them... Very nice story...
Bhaddscorpio Bhaddscorpio Aug 25, 2014
I love it already.  Kinda describes How me and my girlfriend met
anglelove1991 anglelove1991 Jul 06, 2014
awwww I can see that Jasmine already has feeling for Stephanie lol hope they realize it soon