Feathers, Scales, and Magic

Feathers, Scales, and Magic

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Taryn Gilliland By ellyriahighwind Updated Jun 02

Born a necromancer, the last place Minerva wants to be is in a high school mythology class, listening to the teacher give out the wrong information on vampires. But what else can she do? Every year she sends a submission letter to the Academy of Arcane Knowledge, and every year she receives a rejection letter in return.

This time, however, just might be different. Finally given the approval she'd been waiting for, Minerva heads to the academy in the realm of Terra. However, she quickly discovers that just because she has a letter of acceptance, doesn't mean that her peers will accept her. Snubbed by her fellow mages, she contemplates giving up when a stranger in the form of a Seraphim promises her that things will get better.

Apparently that promise includes sending his two best friends, a dragon and a demon, to look after her.

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