Fixed Marriage (Hate That I Love You) COMPLETED *PG18*

Fixed Marriage (Hate That I Love You) COMPLETED *PG18*

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Miss Invisible By missinvisible009 Completed

Minsan kung kailan nagmamahal tayo ng totoo at buong buo saka tayo lolokohin ng taong mahal natin.

Minsan akala mo siya na pero hindi pala.

Minsan pinasaya ka lang akala mo seryoso na.

Ang tanga lang.

Ang tanga tanga ko.

Bakit kasi nagtiwala agad ako.


Sobrang sakit.

"Do I deserve all these shits?"


Would you allow yourself to marry a person that you don't love just for the sake of your family's business? What if your life would be miserable after the marriage? What if you fall for him but he's not ready to catch you? Are you willing to love a person who's still in love with his ex? Are you willing to take the risk? This story is about two individuals who are forced to marry each other because of business matter. Let's find out what would happen to this story entitled FIXED MARRIAGE.


Not appropriate for young readers. 

This is my first story so forgive me for some mistakes/errors. haha! Hope you enjoy this.

_BeFaith _BeFaith Jan 03
looks like Unwanted wife I've read one year ago. I love the prologue. Ganito yung mga gusto kong story eh kapag gusto ko umiyak haha lol.
ChinHeartYou ChinHeartYou Nov 15, 2014
This is your first work really? Galing :) wala akong masabi nakaka excite sa mga manyayari...
ChinHeartYou ChinHeartYou Nov 15, 2014
What a good start, good job umpisa palang nakakahook na ang story nyo