Supervillain Association

Supervillain Association

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Frozen By Frozenemptyheart Completed

[Book 3 of the Superhero series]

Ian is in hiding. After what he's done, he has been classified as a supervillain (apparently a superpower was all it took for regular illegal activity to put you into a fictional class of bad guys) and there's no turning back. 

The easy life of sitting back and watching the world turn is over. 

Peace is just a distant memory, and the time for negotiations is long gone. 

It's time for them to face their new enemy. They wanted a supervillain, now they've got one. 

This is the third book in the Superhero series, sequel to (1) My ex-boyfriend is a superhero, and (2) Superhero rights convention

(Cover by reelru)

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This is so anticlimatic! I was totally expecting more action after the destruction
mchawkinsauthor mchawkinsauthor May 27, 2016
So what if you have a highly readable style, great ear for dialogue, and can write humour?  But I bet you can't... oh wait, you can do that too.
ajfnrigjc ajfnrigjc Jul 24, 2016
Why would you reply pleasantly when you could reply like a boss
ion242 ion242 Jan 25, 2015
Love almighty You have returned my most divine Ian!!!!!!!!!!
greenforesthero greenforesthero Dec 02, 2014
One didn't know this was up until now!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!
NGraceW NGraceW Nov 25, 2014
So excited for more of book three! Ian is pretty much my favorite character ever, thanks for a whole new book in the series!!!