Crimzon and Clover One - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl

Crimzon and Clover One - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl

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(Michael Robb) M.R. Mathias By MRMathias Updated Aug 07, 2012

Crimzon & Clover I

Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl

Copyright 2009 by Michael Robb Mathias Jr.

The week-old hatchling nudged its horny head against the cold, lifeless bulk of its mother. Getting no response again, the puny male dragon whined pitifully. Instinctively, he reared his weary head back and squeaked out a high-pitched wail. The sound would have brought a living mother dragon raging home from a hundred leagues or more. A living mother dragon would have stopped at nothing to feed her hatchling's hungry belly. This hatchling wasn't so lucky. His mother was dead. After a long, sorrowful time of nudging and wailing, the song of misery finally ended. Mercifully, the starving little dragon fell into an exhausted slumber.

Being highly intelligent creatures, dragons are taught by their mothers the skills they'll need to thrive in the ever-dangerous world of men. This particular hatchling's mother was now four days dead. She was once the proud and ferocious high predator, and undisputed...

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