Hes my Daddy. (BDSM Story)

Hes my Daddy. (BDSM Story)

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Lynn By Kindlychick20 Completed

When I see my Daddy at the table the first thing that pops into my mind is Daddy's upsets. I walk over to Daddy and sit at Daddy's feet with my head down. I feel when His eyes are on me. When Daddy speaks I can tell that He is smiling.

"Go to your room," is all Daddy says.

I smile before standing and heading to my room. Daddy catches my wrist and turns me around before kissing me on the lips and spanks my ass hard once. After Daddy is done kissing me He lets me go. I head to my room and try to get ready for Daddy as quickly as possible. I can tell that Daddy is turned on because he will always make me go to my room. Daddy is a very caring man. His favorite outfit for when I am sent to my room right when I get home is the one when I am in a mini skirt and nothing else. Daddy loves this outfit. I wait in my room in the submissive position with my head down and hands behind my back legs spread for at least fifteen minutes before Daddy even comes in my room. He shuts my bedroom door but ...

AshhJjj AshhJjj Jun 27
;^; awwe its a girl i thought it was a trap >~< but 0///0 i-its not like i r-read this stuff anyway. I ish an innocent neko t-trap
wandab63 wandab63 Mar 11, 2016
love it but would like to know how and when then got started with this
Kindlychick20 Kindlychick20 Apr 16, 2015
lol @Maxxiis i know right. @TaylarMeredith its just her dominant.
ImSoSweatGrey ImSoSweatGrey Apr 05, 2015
don't hate me.. but yes!! *a little spanking is definitely the best discipline there is*  :-) :-)
TaylarMeredith TaylarMeredith Apr 04, 2015
I can't tell if this is her real dad, a dominant or just a kidnapper but it's off to a great start.