The Space Index

The Space Index

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This is hopefully going to become a large and detailed book containing all the wonders of the Solar System and beyond! From the classic planets we know and love, to the distant galaxies far beyond our reach. The Space Index is a detailed book, full of collected material that talks about each aspect of something in a detailed manner and also contains facts,  and fascinating questions to ignite that curiosity in you.

I will also add tests at the end of every 2 planets. For example, at the end of Jupiter and Saturn's chapters, there will be a test. The test is optional, but it's a fun thing to take to check how much you understood! You're more than welcome to skip it! 

Note: I do not claim this work to be mine, all I did was research it

Published on 5/9/19
Cover by me

  • andromeda
  • astronomy
  • earth
  • eries
  • exoplanets
  • facts
  • galaxies
  • jupiter
  • mars
  • mercury
  • milkyway
  • nasa
  • neptune
  • planets
  • pluto
  • rockets
  • saturn
  • sedna
  • solar
  • solarsystem
  • space
  • system
  • uranus
  • venus