It's Always Going to be You. (2nd book to HIABY?)

It's Always Going to be You. (2nd book to HIABY?)

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Taylor Radcliffe By TayTaySwizzle42 Updated Oct 06, 2014

Book 2 ~Stiles Stilinski love story~

There back my lovely reader's and this time they are stronger then ever! Stiles and Sadie are together, while Allison and Scott are sneaking around. But what happens when a new and violent creature appears in beacon hills? Will they be able to stop it before it's too late? And what about Sadie? It's still a mystery on what's happening to her, will Scott and Stiles finally get to the bottom of it? Or will an unlikely source help them out?

First one-

bossy_fox bossy_fox Aug 11, 2017
Its just like the last one and I am so happy that Stiles fanfiction is not over!!!!:)
goteenwolf56 goteenwolf56 Oct 21, 2017
Yess I'm so happy u made a second one can you please go read mine and see if I did good
multistydiaa multistydiaa Dec 28, 2015
you do know that you can put pictures on the side right?? like the side of each chapter?? I was just wondering
stevie6682 stevie6682 Nov 24, 2015
Amazing!!!!!!!! I'm a huge fan of the stiles book xxx
                              Hehe ;)