Unordinary: Joker of the Turf Wars

Unordinary: Joker of the Turf Wars

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Turf Wars. A battle between The Royals of a school to another. This was supposed to be a secret activity where there are no spectator but only the competitor himself. But rules have changed, instead, it became the main event of the famous Magic School Competition.

In this fanfic, Seraphina never lost her ability, but instead it grows. John used to be a cripple but soon became a normal student whose ability is unknown towards the school except for the Royals. Because of John's strong power and his stubbornness to keep his ability unknown, he became the 'Secret Royal'. An ace to be exact. But with Seraphina having the same title as him, it was deemed as a flaw. 

With a little alterations, a new rule is made. A rule that spreads throughout all schools. A new title was given. The title for the stongest. The title for the undefeatable. The title that is only fitted for him. The title.......


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