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Story of My Life By whosrno Completed

**Previously known as ROOMMATES WITH MR. BAD BOY**

Ren Harper is finally on her last year of college. She's a straight A student, she never drinks and she focuses on her studies rather than boys. All Ren wants is to graduate with this reputation but what happens when she starts rooming with Austin Lancer, bad boy of the University.  

Will everything change? Will she still be known as Ren Harper, a straight A student? Will she do anything to keep her reputation?

(This book has been newly improved. I have not edited any typos so please bear with me).

  • college
  • fiction
  • humor
  • love
  • pg-18
  • romance
  • teen
Missbug03 Missbug03 May 31, 2017
That's cute.  Natural curls don't happen with a curler. They are poofy and hard to manage
claretk claretk Sep 23, 2017
Wat kind of school is DAT where boys and girls stay together
ChimChigga ChimChigga Sep 19, 2017
It's been so long
                              that I haven't seen your face
                              I'm trying to be strong
                              But the strength I have is washing away
Breadsticks8294 Breadsticks8294 Dec 30, 2017
I relate to her so much. All my friends love going to parties and getting wasted but I hate that crowd. It makes me too anxious and none of my friends can relate
WhyNotIGetBord WhyNotIGetBord Oct 25, 2017
That is so me I think me n Megan are the same person n my name is Megan 😂
xChimichangaQueenx xChimichangaQueenx Aug 07, 2017
Honestly there is not enough books on wattpad with the main character being short!