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Story of My Life By whosrno Completed

**Previously known as ROOMMATES WITH MR. BAD BOY**

Ren Harper is finally on her last year of college. She's a straight A student, she never drinks and she focuses on her studies rather than boys. All Ren wants is to graduate with this reputation but what happens when she starts rooming with Austin Lancer, bad boy of the University.  

Will everything change? Will she still be known as Ren Harper, a straight A student? Will she do anything to keep her reputation?

(This book has been newly improved. I have not edited any typos so please bear with me).

untitledregrets untitledregrets Aug 09, 2016
Chops of his dick. Sorry the knife SLIPPED into my hand and the knife and my hand accidentally SLIPPED and now you can't have children.
AnritaG AnritaG Aug 01, 2016
This happened to me in the cafeteria I threw my apple at him and said "sorry muscle spasm"
Kellyannnelson Kellyannnelson Nov 22, 2016
Hey my name is Renique and everyone calls me Ren. weird
JessiDolanGilinsky JessiDolanGilinsky Dec 13, 2016
Some guy did this to me at my locker and I turned around and punched him in the balls. It was my natural reaction and now that dude, and all his friends, know not to touch my ads!!
ziall_patylinson ziall_patylinson Sep 09, 2016
My friend did that to me and i slapped her back on the face in the library and it freaking echoed
bedazzler21 bedazzler21 Dec 21, 2016
Meh not really...actually not at all I'm literally reading while getting ready to go to a party