Hurt •Niam•

Hurt •Niam•

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Niall was constantly made fun of by his family, friends and piers about his weight,appearance and personality.

They always claimed it was teasing or playful critic. Didn't mean it hurt any less.

Niall was 11 when a blade was drag over his skin.He was smart about it,cutting when he was alone, leaving cuts over his thighs.

Never did Niall get to comfortable, always wore sweatpants.The weather in England was perfect,never did he have to wear shorts.

Liam is a typical high school student,got fairly good grades,his friends were nice people;idiots at times but still nice people.

Niall is at the park, sitting in a tree.Looking out at the sunset,his mind going blank.

Liam,a boy he only knew from math class,call out for him.Noticing the tree was old and slightly unstable.Niall jumps as he hears the voice, the tree tips slightly.

"Please come down"He yells "You'll get hurt." 

"I already am "Niall whisper

~Written by Niamlovechildren~

Already the first chapter and Im crying......I love this book already😂
BabyLouis32 BabyLouis32 May 31
Daddy kink keeps making me think this is inappropriate help me
larentsig larentsig Sep 07
WTH poor Niall this Maura is nothing like Maura irl! This one is a bitch
when your mom buys you regular cheerios instead of honey nut
marwas93 marwas93 Aug 17
This reminds me of a girl I went to school with. She'd say something mean to me and everytime she did she'd go "I'm just joking"
vibevibes vibevibes Apr 18
my mom tells me that but she jokes about it because i literally have like 5 friends. lmao