The Client

The Client

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Mehr Dubey expected nothing but deception, disloyalty, and betrayal from men. They came to her just for sex.  She was raped, assaulted, treated like a dog by hundreds of men, but what was she to expect in return? Money. Just money.  Sold into prostitution as a child by her stepfather, she breathed keeping her hatred alive in her. Every time she was fucked, she lost a part of herself to the men who used her mercilessly. She was soulless, she didn't know how to care, how to love, all she knew was to warm the bed of those men who came to her for the night. 

She was going to fuck a countless number of clients until she repaid her stepfather's debts.  Then she would elope from the brothel in which she was held captive for years. She had her life all planned until she was booked for the night by 'the client'- Abhimanyu Raghavan, the popular Indian Cricketer, the Vice-captain of the Indian Cricket Team.  All that mattered to him was cricket and money. He believed he wrote his own destiny. 

He was thawing her frozen heart, her resistance was crumbling down. Was Mehr playing with fire while she was warming his bed night after night? Was he going to stab her in the back like every other man in her life? After all, the Vice-captain of the Indian Cricket Team would want nothing to do with a prostitute, or would he?

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