My boy bestfriend.

My boy bestfriend.

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Chaarrllyyy By chaarrllyyy Updated Feb 03


 "I can't stop myself! Why are you making me feel this way."  

Just two normal teenagers who spend every second with each other. Soon enough their feelings are developing and their relationship slightly changes. 

Would they stick together?

Or would they just avoid each other?

Aiden Ryder, the most cockiest, romantic 17 year old falls for Hailey Waters, since what? 3rd grade?

Hailey Waters, the craziest, sarcastic faggot. 

They have a few differences, but they're both crazy. 

Both head over heals for each other, but of course, Hailey being her stupid self, wouldn't admit it.

Read 'My Boy Best friend', to find out what's holding Hailey back.

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courtneeeeyyy15 courtneeeeyyy15 Jul 21, 2017
Don't mean to be a grammar nazi but your I's have to be capitalized whenever you want to use that letter 🤷🏾‍♀️
I-Love-Me-Too I-Love-Me-Too Nov 29, 2017
Oh come on girl how oblivious can you be like literally even my friend can guess he likes you and she’s the most oblivious person I have ever seen I mean she couldn’t even tell a guy had a crush on her while he stood there looking like a lost puppy!!!!
ShyLittleBitch ShyLittleBitch Apr 15, 2017
                              that's what makes it good tho
- - Oct 30, 2017
I don’t know why but I love how adien gets jealous and finds his ways
MsChesa24 MsChesa24 Jun 01, 2016
Damn , this girl is cold and insensitive , isn't obvious????????????
taffyhart taffyhart Mar 06, 2015
this chapter is short for me, and its so obvious that aiden is inlove with hailey but Hailey's not.