A deadly love (Ticci-Toby x reader)

A deadly love (Ticci-Toby x reader)

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Hi, my name is [  Dan  ] By talesfromthebadlands Completed

Toby's p.o.v

I was watching (Y/N) sleep while she slept. But who could blame me she was just so beautiful, with the way her arms hanged over the side of the bed and the way her (h/c) hair spread out in a fan around her head. I slowly got up out of the corner and was about to leave  when I tripped over the lamp wire. I jumped to catch it but failed and a loud shattering was heard as it hit the ground.  "Crap,  why am I so clumsy." I thought to myself as (Y/N) sat up in her bed. The same look on her face the day I first meet her 

.                 ~flash back~

I was out in slender woods looking for a group of people who dared to wander into the forest. "Uhhhh, I'll never find them,  and I'm getting hungry!" I said to myself. Then I heard laughing and shouting in the distance followed by lights from flashlights."finally!"I thought. I snuck up behind them and began to follow them. And I was about to strike but then I saw (Y/N) with an annoyed expression on her face."Come on guys let's g...

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NightlanternsOwO NightlanternsOwO Sep 28, 2017
I thought I read 'friends with benefits' somewhere but I was fortunately mistaken xD
YTLilypadgween YTLilypadgween Nov 23, 2017
                              Wow! I'm not theu only one who can't English
LunaLilyPotter1 LunaLilyPotter1 Jun 07, 2017
Watching me sleep while I slept...
                              I thought I was at Six Flags
NightlanternsOwO NightlanternsOwO Aug 02, 2017
Sense when do I SLEEP? I stayed up until 6 in the morning and got like 30 minutes of sleep
Oh my god. I thought the date was your number for a second but then i realised....
People say my name is pretty all the time, so I don't take that as a compliment...